Congratulations to Emma Pineau for publishing a paper in Sensors

Date: August 11, 2022

Congratulation’s to Emma and her co-authors on publishing their paper titiled
“Comparative Analysis of Multilayer Lead Oxide-Based X-ray Detector Prototypes”. This was
published in a Sensors Special Issue Advanced Materials and Technologies for Radiation


Lead oxide (PbO) photoconductors are proposed as X-ray-to-charge transducers for the next
generation of direct conversion digital X-ray detectors. Optimized PbO-based detectors have
potential for utilization in high-energy and dynamic applications of medical X-ray imaging. Two
polymorphs of PbO have been considered so far for imaging applications: polycrystalline lead
oxide (poly-PbO) and amorphous lead oxide (a-PbO). Here, we provide the comparative analysis
of two PbO-based single-pixel X-ray detector prototypes: one prototype employs only a layer of
a-PbO as the photoconductor while the other has a combination of a-PbO and poly-PbO, forming
a photoconductive bilayer structure of the same overall thickness as in the first prototype. We
characterize the performance of these prototypes in terms of electron–hole creation energy (W±)
and signal lag—major properties that define a material’s suitability for low-dose real-time
imaging. The results demonstrate that both X-ray photoconductive structures have an adequate
temporal response suitable for real-time X-ray imaging, combined with high intrinsic sensitivity.
These results are discussed in the context of structural and morphological properties of PbO to
better understand the preparation–fabrication–property relationships of this material.

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